Monitor your Hoshizaki KM ice machines, on the go.

Smart Gateway for Hoshizaki KM Cubers

Our plug and play solution is easily installed KM cubers, G/J/K controllers

The Gateway provides real time monitoring, 2-way control and valuable insights into the health of your ice machine. 

Save money by empowering your technicians to effectively diagnose issues before they arrive on site. 

Real time notifications via email and text allow you to resolve issues before your customer’s bin is empty and you get that dreaded call.

Our plug and play solution is easily installed on all Hoshizaki cubers.

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Smart Gateway Flaker Service Kit

Our plug and play solution is easily installed KM flakers, G/J/K controllers

Includes everything you need to turn your Hoshizaki Flaker into a smart ice machine.

  • Extended Coverage
  • LTE Cat M1 / NB-IoT Modem
  • 12VDC Power Supply
  • LTE Antenna
  • RS485 to Hoshizaki
  • Control Board
  • Serial Data Cable (6ft)
  • 3x Temperature Sensors (6ft)
    • Compressor Discharge
    • Evaporator Outlet
    • TXV Outlet
  • 12 months of Standard Monitoring Service included

Activate here at lightning.hellothing.com/activate
Please reach out at iot@fastcomm.com if you have any special installation needs eg. longer serial cable or custom power supply requirements

How it works

Use any device, on the go, to connect to your equipment through secure cloud servers 


Some interesting features in our remote monitoring managment system.

  • Real-time Monitoring & Diagnosis.
  • Dip-Switch Configurations.
  • Remote On/OFF, Reset, Lock.
  • Performance Dashboard.
  • Immediate ALERT Notifications.
  • Proactive Services.
  • Reduce/Eliminate Down-Time.
  • Time-to-Clean Scheduling.


Some of the real benefits of remote monitoring that help your business manage your assets effectively.


We enable you to customize alerts for all the conditions you care about. Decide which unusual conditions trigger a text, email, or call alert.


We provide an easy to use solution that allows you to manage a range of dispersed devices.


We enable you to identify problems immediately and avoid setbacks that could have a severe impact on your bottom line. Our remote monitoring gives you the real-time status of each part of your operation, instantly.


We enable you to grow your system as your operation grows. Our remote monitoring solutions have delivered millions of readings.

How to install the Gateway Device

  • The gateway is powered via an external power adapter that plugs into any available 100-240VAC-50/60Hz outlet.
  • The gateway can be mounted either externally or internally.
  • A (4ft) serial cable from the gateway plugs directly into the Ice machine control board.
  • Customer customizations can be accommodated. Please Inquire when ordering.

KM Compatibility Matrix

For more information please view/download KM Compatibility Matrix file

KM Compatibility Matrix

How to Activate your device

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We did our due diligence, reviewing several technology vendors, and Fastcomm proved to have the expertise to help us develop a strategy to bring a Smart Connected Solution to market, faster and with lower risk. Fastcomm has been a valued technology partner to Hoshizaki’s Engineering Team, and we look forward to expanding this successful transition across the full portfolio of Hoshizaki products.
Ozzie Missoum
Ozzie MissoumSr. Manager Technical Development Engineering, Hoshizaki America
“We worked with Fastcomm to create a custom remote monitoring platform that allows us to provide a greater level of service to our customers than we ever thought was possible. The camaraderie and common vision that we developed made the working relationship feel like an intimate part of the Easy Ice Team.”
John Mahlmeister
John MahlmeisterCOO, Easy Ice
“The real time monitoring allows us to transition from “what we suppose is taking place” to “what is actually taking place. It gives us assurance that the equipment is performing as it should especially after repairs have been made.”
Austin Glatt
Austin GlattGuys Ice, Service Technician


For more information please contact us or view/download our digital brochures.

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